A walk by the Pacific Ocean

The other day I went for a walk from Coogee to Clovelly. These are two beaches along the Pacific Ocean coast of Sydney. We are fortunate to have about seventy beaches, approximately thirty-nine of these are ocean beaches. My walk started at Coogee, easily reached by bus from my home in Newtown. As well as the beach there are two ocean baths: Wylies and the Women’s Baths.

CoogeeClovelly 1
This lovely glade of Banksia trees is a great place to relax in the
shade, picnic, read, whatever.

CoogeeClovelly 2
On the day I went, the weather was perfect, if a bit unseasonal.
It’s meant to be Autumn here now, the temperature was around
30C/86F. The water was warm too at 22C/72F.
The long vertical ‘cloud’ is a vapour stream from an airplane.
Coogee Beach is located under one of the three main flight paths
to Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport.

CoogeeClovelly 3
This the entrance to a naturally occurring rock pool, at the base
of a Sydney Sandstone cliff face.

CoogeeClovelly 4
Because the ocean water coming into the pool is ‘filtered’ by
rocks it is generally very clear.

CoogeeClovelly 8

CoogeeClovelly 9

Two excellent examples of Sydney Sandstone at Coogee. The rock
is very soft and takes quite a pounding from the wind and high
tides. Art may imitate nature, but nature cannot imitate art.

CoogeeClovelly 6
Further along the walk is Gordon’s Bay, a beautiful sheltered bay.
It has an underwater nature trail signposted for SCUBA divers.
The bay is popular with people learning to dive.

CoogeeClovelly 7
The bay is home to the Gordon’s Bay Fishing Club.

CoogeeClovelly 13
A poster illustrating the varieties of fish in Gordon’s Bay.

CoogeeClovelly 10
Sydney Sandstone at Gordon’s Bay

CoogeeClovelly 5
Clovelly Beach is  protected from wild weather so is popular with
people who want a passive swimming experience.

CoogeeClovelly 12

CoogeeClovelly 11
Two examples of the sandstone around Clovelly Beach.
For more information about Sydney sandstone:


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