Trashin’ Fashion (a zine)

I worked for a long time in the fashion industry – women’s undergarments, better known now as intimate apparel. I worked in manufacturing, wholesale, retail and marketing. I thought of it as flogging bras and girdles, a rag trade version of being a fitter and turner.
I maintain an interest, though possibly a jaundiced view.

1 Zine#1 cover final049
2 Zine#1Zine#1 p10 final055
3 Zine#18 Zine#1 p8 final059
4 Zine#1 p7 final057
5 flynn2_txt
6 Zine#1 p9 final053
7 Zine#1 p6 final058
8 Zine#1 p3 final056
9 Zine#1 p2 final051
10 Zine#1 b-cover final050

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