A bit about me

I’m a photographer – artist with a Degree and Post Graduate Diploma
in visual art from Sydney College of the Arts at University of Sydney.
I live in Newtown, Sydney, with lots of other queers.
I was born in Kings Cross in 1939 and have lived in Sydney ever since.
I read this somewhere and it makes sense, at least to me:
Those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter.

DU Bad Dog 74
Where I live.
My Birth Mother, Anne Urquhart
With my Grandmother Maude James

Alternative culture
Music gigs
Underground music
Living in Newtown for 38 years
St Peters
Warehouse communities
Free parties

One response to “A bit about me”

  1. Hello David, I am trying to contact you for permission to use one of your photographs held now by SLNSW. I am putting together a walking tour of Darlinghurst for the City of Sydney and would love to use one of your 1978 protest images that shows the Darlinghurst Police Station. Regards Mark Dunn (historian)


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