Water – without out you I’m nothing

Praise the sea; on shore remain. John Florio

Yachats ORYachats OR, USA
I remember feeling connected to the Pacific Ocean in a way that I had not felt at home in Sydney, Australia, on the far side of the same wonderful ocean.

CoogeeClovelly 2
Pacific Ocean at Coogee Beach, Sydney

Coogee beach.jpg
Coogee Beach
The surf  rolls in as the melanomas develop. I’m disappointed to see people ‘sun bathing’ without covering up from the harmful rays of the sun. When I went to the beach as a child my mother, who was an ‘English rose’ with an aversion to being in the sun too long, covered me with sun protection gunk including pink zinc. Not a good look, but my skin has survived seventy-seven years of Australian sun.

Entrance to the rock pool.

Coogee wave2
Boom, crash, ocean.

Coogee rock pool
Rock pool at Coogee.
The pool is kept clean by natural filtration through a narrow opening in the rocks.

Hungry Head 1
The Pacific Ocean, Coogee at night.

Water Coogee night 3
On the rocks at night below the Coogee Surf Lifesaving Club in Sydney.
I was at a wedding reception at the Club; the roaring crashing waves demanded attention.

A walk by the ocean.
Many Sydney ocean beaches have cliff-top walks connecting them. Gordons Bay is on the walk from Coogee beach to Clovelly. The walk combines the beauty of the environment with the possibility of exercise due to a couple of steep stairways to negotiate.

Gordon’s Bay

CoogeeClovelly 6
In this part of Gordon’s Bay there is an underwater nature trail for SCUBA divers. The bay is also a popular SCUBA training facility.

Sign illustrating some of the marine creatures commonly found in the bay

Clovelly ocean pool is popular with lap swimmers as it is generally protected from heavy swells. There is an access ramp here (not shown) for people using wheel chairs or other mobility aids.

CoogeeClovelly 5
Lie back and think of . .

Venice Chineese restaurant
Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

River Yarra at Richmond, Victoria

Georges River National Park, Sydney
“Here we are
Stuck by this river,
You and I
Underneath a sky that’s ever falling down, down, down
Ever falling down . . .”
(By This River, Eno)
Point Reyes National Seashore CA, USA

Point Reyes National Seashore CA, USA
Here, north of San Francisco, Point Reyes straddles the San Andreas Fault.


Loch in Scotland1_76

Loch Scotland 76

Scotland Highlands1_76Scotland
fishing boat Scotland
Safe anchorage Scotland

Alhambra detail 3
Alhambra, Granada Spain
Laberint, Barcelona Spain

20 reeds & reflection“You can’t trust water; even a straight stick turns crooked in it.” W C Fields

Green House SF 76_1
San Francisco CA, USA

Rainy day Sydney 5
Sydney CBD (Circular Quay)
“The solution to our water problems is more rain.”
Attributed to Mark Twain

PopUp 002
Newtown Bridge and railway station

Camera+ Newtown rain 1

barmuda 2
Barmuda Café,  Newtown

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

Fountain London
Regents Park (?) London 1963

El Alamein fountain
El Alamein Fountain, Kings Cross, Sydney

Archibald Fountain (detail), Hyde Park, Sydney

Generalife fountain
La Generalife, Alhambra, España

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPalazzo Cavalli + a little bit of David Jones


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I'm a photographer-artist. I studied at Sydney College of the Arts at University of Sydney. I live in Newtown, Sydney. THINGS I LIKE: hats socks shadows abstraction community politics my garden my old house (1870) dogs Sydney Inner West free parties vodka

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