The phone is my darkroom

When I was a child there was no phone in our home. When I graduated from art college there were no mobile/cell phones.
I have always been interested in exploring technological advances and how they might encourage me to broaden my art practice. These advances have been a bonus for me as I have a disability which prevents me from carrying heavy photo gear .
I like the possibilities smart phones provide for working quickly. Street scenes (not people in the street) shops, night images and just everyday scenes that are often not noticed are what I most enjoy photographing.
I endeavour to make images which are not merely recordings, but which add something extra by way of abstraction and/or in post production. Monochrome or colour, whichever best suits the image suits me.

Light and shadow


Australian Centre for Photography
Paddington, Sydney.

Camera+ White Rabbit 2
Shadow and light

Brain and Mind Research Institute
University of Sydney


Lamp and parasol



Pier 2/3 Walsh Bay, Sydney


Mix and match. Eton Lane Camperdown, Sydney


National Gallery of Victoria,
Federation Square, Melbourne

ODDS n Ends


Art Gallery of New South Wales


How could I resist
On the road to Pigeon Forge TN 1976

Mexico car

Mérida, Yucatán Mexico

Shop window Scotland

Fashion is not a pretty game
Glasgow, Scotland 1976

Published by dave urquhart

I'm a photographer-artist. I studied at Sydney College of the Arts at University of Sydney. I live in Newtown, Sydney. THINGS I LIKE: hats socks shadows abstraction community politics my garden my old house (1870) dogs Sydney Inner West free parties vodka

3 thoughts on “The phone is my darkroom

  1. The geometric close ups are beautiful, showing how it’s worth noticing the details, in a time when, ironically, technology so often encourages us to only passingly note the superficial and the obvious.


  2. Hello Professor, Glad to see you are still working on stuff. I went to Newcastle to see John Witte Wednesday a week ago. Saw a nice show at the N’castle gallery plus some interesting stuff around the streets, including an amazing shop full of steam-punk sculptures. Bought a couple of cute cards with pics of Antony Green done by a guy John knows who had been an art teacher at TAFE. I’m going up again soon, to see a show at Maitland Gallery. The director there, Joe Eisenberg, is departing and has asked all the artists he’s shown there to make a work on paper for a final show. He had nearly 200 responses. So I figured it was worth a look. And I’m a Maitland virgin, so that’ll be exciting in itself. There’s an item about the show in the June Art Monthly Australia. There’s also a couple of pages about the show we saw at the N’castle gallery if you’re interested in checking that one out. I like the pics in your post. Had an artist from Melbourne, Wendy Kelly, drop into the MCA library today. We have a file on her in artists’ files but nothing else. Turns out she’s had 30 solo shows and numerous group shows and we have nothing on her. I asked her to send as much material as she can so we can put it into the library. The regionalism this kind of episode shows up is disturbing. God knows how many other artists from melbourne, Adelaide, etc we should have in the library. She works in abstraction and her website has some really interesting and attractive works on show. ( OK. Say hello to David and pat the dogs for me. Stay well. Hooroo The Vice


    1. Thanks Emeritus Chancellor, I want to spend more serious art time on this blog. I’m glad you found it; I had intended to email folks about it but have been busy and depressed so didn’t (yet).
      Ciao fa now.


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